Friday, April 30, 2010

bak home

got home about an hour ago and the dog was very happy to see me (his names max and hes a poodle with character)
i miss everybody already =( =( that camp was awesome
b4 we all packed up we walked up the hill behind the house (which is more like a steep mountain) and went to the caves at the top =P was awesome but the first time i went through the 2 main ones i got claustrophobic AND stuck
oh and b4 THAT me and my littlest bro had an excavator driving lesson with eveyone watching and jumping out of the way and making unhelpful comments =P =D =) they WERE standing in the way bahahahaha
miss sparrrrrow =) =P

Thursday, April 29, 2010

forgot to say somethin
who wants me to start posting chapters of my story that im writing???? joys DESPERATE for me to do it so she can keep track of whats happening =) =P
its sort of the rewriting of Narnia and it includes me =P its what would have happened if id been there too
at the mo joy is giving me (all sorts) of advie about what to include in it =)
miss sparrow

homeschool camp ends today

the homeschool camp ends today and we just did problem solving with joy and i doing a bit of a skit ) we then got groups and directed our own ones about prob solving mine didnt work very well =p
got my first comment today (ta kath) and was sooo excited =)
miss sparrow

back again again

this avo heaps of (some unexpected) day visitors came down on the homeschool camp people so we had groups which circulated around the activities there were. the horse riding was fun.... the demon of the two pig rooted ME AND almost bucked me off =) so i had fun.
we did archery fist with our group and i (mostly like not ALWAYS) sucked at it. my own arrow had my first initial on it which happened to be S so i am now officially calling it my jack sparrow arrow and it never fails me (how poetic and actually it wasnt)
miss sparrow

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

back again

At the moment I'm at a homeschool camp near Albury with a few other awesome families. YESTERDAY one of my best (I have a few) friends helped me set up this blog and my own email address- Dad doesn't know much about it yet =) =P =(
When i get home I probably won't get to write much. Not allowed to use the internet much but it might be different now =)
got to go
little miss sparrow

my first blog ever!!

i just created what i think is an AWESOME blog...
in case u dont no, im a total fan of pirates of the caribbean, lord of the rings and narnia!! has anyone heard about pirates 4- the fountain of youth?? i watched a trailer of it and it looks awesome.. cant wait for it to come out!!
little miss sparrow

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


this is a testing post.......