Thursday, April 29, 2010

back again again

this avo heaps of (some unexpected) day visitors came down on the homeschool camp people so we had groups which circulated around the activities there were. the horse riding was fun.... the demon of the two pig rooted ME AND almost bucked me off =) so i had fun.
we did archery fist with our group and i (mostly like not ALWAYS) sucked at it. my own arrow had my first initial on it which happened to be S so i am now officially calling it my jack sparrow arrow and it never fails me (how poetic and actually it wasnt)
miss sparrow


  1. Hi Miss Sparrow!
    Your blog looks great :). I hope you really enjoy blogging.
    I'm a real life friend of Joy, so most probably we have heard of eachother through her. I hope you dont mind me following your blog.
    God Bless
    Katherine McFarland

  2. thanks heaps katherine!! by the way, i have a cousin called katherine and we all call her kat (when were being nice!!!)
    my real name is sarah, and actually i have heard about u A LOT!!!!
    saw ur blog, its prety cool & heaps bigger than mine!!!

  3. well I get Kath, Kathy or Katherine most of the time :).
    I think I have heard about you a lot as well!
    Haha well mine is bigger only because I have been blogging longer :).

  4. yeah i got told that.. inside info =) lol
    i just realized im using this as Facebook =) not allowed to get Facebook yet but i thinkitll happen sometime soon bahahaha

  5. sarah you've got to let me know when you get a facebook bc i have one :D