Saturday, July 10, 2010

hi everyone

Been ages since I blogged last coz I've been REALLY busy..
Got back from a week-long sleepover with Elizabeth which was AWESOME fun.. we watched all of Pirates of the Caribbean (before that I'd only seen No. 2) and Princess of Thieves and did heaps of stuff..
PLEASE everyone who follows my blog or is just looking... can you please sign up to blogfrog?? It's really easy and it's awesome =) Saw my FIRST LOOKER-ATTER on blogfrog today and I was sooooooooo excited =)
Anyone want me to do a follower's competition?? Desperate for more followers =)
Got to go,
Jackie Sparrow!!


  1. Hey, just thought I'd say Hi and it was great meeting you finally, I had heard a lot about you and it was great to meet you! :).
    My blog is, it is also on my profile so its easy to find. Hope you like it.
    Katherine McFarland (Kathy :)

  2. hey
    thanks for droppin in!
    Didn't read ur comment for ages coz I haven't posted for ages and I don't usually get comments anyways.. =(
    And it was good finally meeting you coz I've heard heaps about you too!!
    Jackie Sparrow!! <3