Wednesday, May 12, 2010

found it

Great news!!!!
This morning while doing schoolwork I just happened to look under our dusty, ancient, secondhand, pull-apartable (my bros love making cubbies out of the cushions) couch nearby and THERE WAS THE BOOK!!!!!!! What was it doing under the COUCH???? It was a bit dusty (big surprise) and my initials which are glued on the cover were falling off a bit. Did an emergency Save The All-Important Book glue operation on my desk, got glue everywhere because it came out too quickly and got growled at for not doing my schoolwork (that was my craft activity for the day).
Now I've found it I can keep transferring the handwritten stuff I've scribbled on it whereever poosible (mainly at Vellore CMC hospital in India a couple of months ago when Mum and I visited... I had a lot of time there to do that)
THEN I'll be able to keep (well, start) posting it here so everyone can read it!!
When I finally get round to posting It can people please coment whether they want me to try publishing it? If I do I can Take Orders =) =P =P
lol and lol
little iss jackie sparrow

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