Friday, June 4, 2010

new alpacas

Last Wednesday everyone including the dog drove all the way over to Bendigo (AND BEYOND!!! hahaha) to pick up two new alpacas.
The people at the stud had a REALLY nice house and a REALLY nice far with REALLY green grass and gardens everywhere.. we had lunch there then got down to all the stuff related to alpacas. Rounded (not really) up all the mothers and their babies, got them past the over-excited boy alpaca leaning over the fence on the way there with a bit of pushing and got them into one of the alpaca yards... we looked at them all for a bit and my bros terrorized the babies for a bit. THEN we gave the two pregnant alpacas we were getting some anti stress paste (one of them ade a HUGE fuss and acted like she was dying of indegestion (prob not the right speeling) for about five iutes.
THEN we loaded them onto the trailer and set off back home after a while.
I think we spent most of the day there, apart from the 6 hr return trip.....
The younger one is Grace and I think she's the cutest =)
The older and slightly larger one is Yolanda, which I (of course) thought sounded a bit like Orlando!!!
Their babies are due around April (!!!!) time
Hope they'll be ok... they seem to be settling in alright
Yana was SO funny the first day they were here.. (Yana is one of two grumpy old wethers we already have). ALL MORNING he was standing by the fence STARING at the poor things. He was in shock and anyway, they were in HIS paddock. We had to kick Yana and Puka out of their old paddock for the girls....
Pula was just looking on about 100 metres away eating as usual and looking overly fat and hilarious
little miss sparrow =)


  1. I LOVE JACK SPARROW!!!!! Ot should I say Captain Jack Sparrow. =)